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Online reservation software – make reservations in real time

BoonNPay offers real-time, online reservation software, known as SRS, which is fully integrated within our Entirety property management system. This provides hotels with an added sales “operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week" without additional staffing costs that other hotel reservation systems may require.

The benefits of online hotel reservation systems to your customers and your business

Our online reservation software offers the following benefits to your customers:

  • Instant answers to their availability inquiries
  • Professional, instant automatic e-mail confirmation
  • Time savings
  • The ability to book anytime, from anywhere with Internet access
  • Easy access to your special offers and promotions

Using SRS in place of other hotel reservation systems also offers significant benefits to your organization, including:

  • No third-party commission fee
  • No restriction to a manually controlled allocation of rooms to sell (via a third-party website)
  • Expanded target market, leading to increased occupancy levels
  • Direct real-time bookings into Entirety with automatic confirmations
  • Improved customer retention
  • Security measures to control your availability, preventing overbooking
  • Additional security measures to protect the financial details of your guests

Additionally,SRS is safe and secure. Availability is never shown directly to prospective Website visitors; requests made for a hotel, room type, and rate (for a date range) through our online reservation software are either accepted or refused based upon availability.

Why use other reservation software products when you can use the one that integrates fully into a complete property management system? Other hotel reservation systems simply can’t offer the benefits of SRS.

Contact us to learn more about our online reservation software and how it can benefit your organization.


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